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George Kamano for Senator 2022

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The Profile

Lets make Nairobi great together

My Candidature for Nairobi Senator in 2022 comes to help address the following:
  • Employment and Opportunitie
  • Minimum wage to the employed
  • Social Protection
  • Stipends for Interns
  • Post harvest technology to farmers

Help us in our endeavour to build on the gains made in Nairobi so far



Kamano Foundation


Kamano foundation mission is to transform the lives of vulnerable by providing access to better healthcare and food security in Africa.

Our focus

> Widows
> Persons with disabilities
>The Poor
> Orphanages
> Youth
> Covid-19 relief projects

Kamano foundation

Projects done & Ongoing

Food Drives

We distribute monthly food drives to homeless people, widows, orphanages, and families montly.


Monthly food drives, Providing opportunities for the youth, Health, and Education.

Covid ongoing projects

We targeted 100 schools and have currently done 40 schools only, we provide the students with masks and disinfect their learning enviroment too.


Futurer Projects

Charity Project

A Flea Market in partnership with Zucchini Greengrocers Limited(which they are already interested in and are already currently doing). We will use this platform to empower the widows, poor, people with disabilities, youth and women to have a platform to sell their products every weekend at the flea market at specific Zucchini shops in specific locations, and at the end of the year we will have a big flee market event with Zucchini to encourage a massive sales weekend. We will also use this platform to help enable them to have a good cash flow, and to even partner with Zucchini to sell their products in their stores.


Empowerment Plan

Have a women , widows, poor, people with disabilities, and youth
empowerment programs to Maximize on these things;
i. The five love Languages
ii. The four forgiveness Languages
iii. Body Language
iv. Advance education such as Scholarships to International countries
and more ……


How You Can Get Involved

Donate food

You can donate
unpressable food

Donate funds

You can donate funds to help us continue with our projects all accounted for

Donate suppliers

You can donate suppliers that are needed for specific projects such as, masks, bags, stationary, time and any required items

Always give without rembering and always receive without forgetting
Brian Tracy

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